Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Halloween Decorations!

During the first weekend of October, I decorated our house for Halloween. I was going to be tasteful and wait until mid-October, but half the neighborhood put up their decorations the last weekend of September. I did not want to be the Neighborhood Halloween Scrooge, so our lawn became a graveyard...

I scored our ghost last year at Walgreens for $5. Ghosty drifts eerily in the breeze, and the kids LOVE him. Every child who walks by our house in October stops to ogle Ghosty.

I have coveted novelty tombstones for years, so last year, I bought discounted gravestones on November 1. When I first mentioned my plan to buy tombstones, Nathan looked horrified; but he is a champ and humors my love of tacky Halloween decorations. (My fervor for Halloween decorations is perhaps embarrassing in some circles, but it is at least cheaper than a Prada addiction.)

While I'm thinking about it, let me tell you about shopping for Halloween decorations on November 1: don't bother with Target. Target will be picked clean about one minute after the store opens. Go to a Halloween megastore instead and have an open mind (but not too open of a mind, or you might end up with a twelve foot high demon clown).

Last Saturday, we went to a pumpkin patch and I behaved like a normal person. We only spent $30 total. (Nathan was expecting it to be much, much worse.) I love how the crooked stems look like something you might find in a witch's garden. Also, I would have bought these pumpkins sooner, but with our ridiculously hot October, I was afraid they would prematurely turn to mush.

This is the crown jewel of my Halloween decorations cache. Last year, I was desperate for a skeleton, but I only saw skeletons for $60 or more. I waited until the November 1 sales and found ... nothing. I went to FOUR stores and not a skeleton was to be found. So this year, as soon as the Halloween megastore by our house opened its doors in September, I rushed over and bought Gus for just $15. Gus is a cheap plastic piece of crap, and I had to use the gardening shears to get the leg bones to fit into the hip bone, but I love him. When he dies, I will replace him with something higher quality (price be damned).

I initially dressed Gus up with a sombrero that originally belonged to Wendy the Cactus. I think he looks dignified yet ready to party; but what I really wanted was a pirate skeleton.

One cheap pirate costume for kiddos at Target later, and behold, Gus the Pirate Skeleton King! (Eventually, I'd really like to get Gus a beret and striped shirt, but that's part of my 10 year plan.)

Indoors, I behaved and just put a few mini-pumpkins on the mantle. It's difficult to see, but the pumpkins are guarded by two Halloween nutcrackers (a devil and a skeleton bride).

There's another small box filled with decorations still in our basement, but I think this is enough for Halloween 2012. As a pregnant lady, I have serious napping responsibilities, and my back demands respect and pampering. However, I do reserve the right to buy more pumpkins.