Monday, October 29, 2012

Stay Dry and Safe!

If you are affected by Super Storm Sandy, I hope you are able to stay dry and safe.

I am especially thinking about all my family in New York. My Baby Sister recently moved to Manhattan, and this is her first proper East Coast storm. I suppose after Sandy, every other storm is going to look like child's play to her.  And my dad of course had to go to Manhattan this week for business. At least they can huddle together and order room service (and pray that Dad's hotel has a good generator).

My grandma lives in Queens but her building is far away from the water. The news is calling this the storm of a lifetime. Well, Grandma Shirley has lived a lifetime in New York, so I can't wait to hear her thoughts when the storm is over.

My Aunt Pam and Company live on Long Island and their situation is perhaps the most bleak. If they lose power, how many hours will my cousins' various electronic toys last? Since she is trapped in the house with two young boys, I'd say my aunt deserves a Spa Week when this storm is over. Preferably in a dry climate with lots of tropical drinks.

Take care, my loved ones!