Friday, September 28, 2012

Goodbye, Old Friend

My fuchsia finally succumbed to the heat:

The fuchsia is one of my favorite flowers. Its flowers look like fairies! Whenever I see a blooming fuchsia, my heart swells until it feels like it might burst (but in a good sort of way). So obviously, I need a fuchsia of my own.

But my fuchsia just could not handle the summer heat. I can't say that I blame it. The heat has been relentless. Usually we have a good mix of days in the 80s and days in the 90s, but for the past six or seven weeks, Pasadena has been all about hitting those 90s. Day after day after day. I watered my poor fuchsia and gave it pep talks, but it lost the will to live in late August.

I could buy another fuchsia, but this is the second fuchsia to perish on my front porch. Le Sigh. I hate to buy another fuchsia only to see it wither and die under my watch. I'll just have to have fuchsia envy and gaze longingly at my neighbors' healthy fairy blossoms.