Friday, September 14, 2012

Fall Wish List

It is still summer in Pasadena. With a vengeance. I suppose I should be grateful because extra heat means extra pool days, but I'm ready for the 10 Day Weather Forecast to stop taunting me. This weekend, we are looking at temperatures on the wrong side of 100. Next week, the high temperatures are just supposed to hit 89 ... but that's a lie. When the forecast says Pasadena is having a high of 89, that means it will be 89 degrees by 10 a.m. and about 95 by 3 p.m.

But a girl can still dream about autumn weather (right? RIGHT?) These are some of the things I hope to do once Pasadena's temperatures dip back into the 70s:
  • Wear sweaters! Oh, my poor neglected cardigans! I'm not certain I even remember how to wear them. They are supposed to cover your arms, right? But where does the open part go, in the front or the back?
  • Buy pumpkins! Lots and lots of pumpkins! Big pumpkins! Small pumpkins! Medium pumpkins! OHMYGODILOVEPUMPKINS! (Disclaimer: the day that pumpkins first appear at my grocery store, I'm buying some mini-pumpkins for the mantle. Even if it's still 100 degrees outside).
  • Bake a pie. Although I love to bake, I have still never baked a pie (unless cheesecake with a graham cracker crust counts, but I don't think it should).
  • Make the fancy pork butt ragu sauce that has been on my to-cook list for years, ever since Nathan spied the recipe in the L.A. Times food section. (Seriously. This is the Year of the Pork Butt Ragu, so help me).
  • Knit something more complicated than a baby blanket or scarf.
  • Go on a weekend trip somewhere in California. My mind keeps wandering to San Francisco but I'd be equally happy to visit Santa Barbara or Palm Springs.
  • Go crazy with apples. Eat apples. Pick apples. Make applesauce. Bake apples into delicious treats. (Disclaimer: we have an apple tree in our front yard, so picking apples is something I have to do. Otherwise, the squirrels go crazy and I start discovering apple cores in really strange places).
  • Bust out the crock pot and fill the house with tantalizing smells.
  • Deck the house for Halloween (because every front yard should become a haunted graveyard at least once a year).
Excuse me while I go gaze longingly at my cardigans.