Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Breakfast With Uno

Nathan and I like to bring our deck of Uno cards whenever we go out to breakfast. 

I don't remember when I took this photo, but it must have been many months ago in 2011 since there's a mug of coffee on the table. Nathan hates coffee, and I stopped drinking coffee last December. Coffee-Free Courtney is a healthier person than Coffee Courtney, but how photogenic is that mug of coffee? It makes the table look so cozy.

Uno is the perfect game for breakfast at a restaurant. It's just a deck of cards, so I can easily stow it in my purse. It requires just a little table space to play. It's fast enough to play a few games before our pancakes arrives. It's interesting enough to keep our attention yet simple enough so we can talk about other things if we want. (And I apologize for starting so many sentences with the word "it" or "it's." I guess I can't pursue a career as a game reviewer).

I often notice other diners staring longingly at our Uno cards, but I've never seen anyone else bring Uno or another card game to a restaurant. Children get to bring rattles and coloring books - why can't adults play while they wait for their food? Adults, however, seem to only do three things while they wait for their breakfast: (1) talk; (2) read a newspaper; or (3) stare awkwardly at the wall.

I keep hoping we are going to start a trend and other diners will follow our example; but at our favorite breakfast spots, we continue to be the only diners with Uno. So sad. So sad.