Monday, September 24, 2012


My grocery store is selling pumpkins! Woot woot!

Thus far, I have been very restrained and only purchased a single miniature pumpkin for the mantle. But doesn't he look lonely? I think he needs some pumpkin friends. Lots and lots of pumpkin friends.

p.s. The little fluffy chicks on the pinecones are from Easter, and I realize that September is no time for Easter decorations. But what am I supposed to do? Put the fluffy chicks in a dark scary box and abandon them in the basement? What sort of sick maniac do you take me for?! Little fluffy chicks belong on the mantle, all year long.

p.p.s. I gathered the pinecones for the mantle last year, and they have been on display for the past 12 months. I realize pinecones do not say "summer!" and Martha Stewart would be appalled at my total disregard for the seasons. But I don't care.