Friday, September 7, 2012

Life In A Remote Village In South Africa

My brother Matt and sister-in-law Sara are currently Peace Corps volunteers. They live in a remote village in South Africa. The last time I saw them was over a year ago, when they came back to L.A. for my wedding - and I won't see them again until 2013. Weirdness. I guess this is what life was always like for people who lived not so long ago, before air travel made the world a little smaller.

In a recent blog post, Matt and Sara listed ten reasons that you know you live in a small village. My favorite is Reason No. 2: the entire village runs out of milk and bread.

If you'd like to see the other nine reasons that made their list, read the blog entry here.

p.s. Another title for their list could be "Ten Reasons Courtney Will Never Voluntarily Relocate To A Remote South African Village."