Friday, September 9, 2011

I Can Sometimes Be A Little Cynical

I love my neighborhood.  It feels safe and friendly, and I wouldn't be surprised if I ran into the Brady Bunch or the Munsters (the Munsters would be the BEST neighbors, end of discussion). 

This morning, I took a walk in my neighborhood.  A police car drove past.  I thought, Oh good, I'm glad we have the occasional patrol car passing through, just to keep things safe.  Then I noticed that the police car had stopped in the middle of the street and drawn alongside... another police car?  

Two police cars in my neighborhood?  What the effing eff? 

I suppose this could just be a happy coincidence.  Police Car A was probably just recommending a donut shop to Police Car B. 

Or maybe they were searching for a serial killer??  Was it safe to keep walking around my neighborhood on this fine, sunny morning?  Should I go home immediately and barricade the house?  Holy crap, maybe there are two serial killers loose in the neighborhood! 

And yes, in case you were wondering, sometimes I can be a little cynical.

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