Thursday, September 8, 2011

Goodbye, Old Friend

So this is it.  Borders is bankrupt and going out of business, never to return.  Today I said goodbye.

The books were steeply discounted.  As I wandered through the store, it felt like I was looting a dying friend's house.  Is there someone I could apologize to?  I bought a Kindle and my visits to Borders dwindled.  And when I did go to Borders, I furtively wrote down the titles of books I liked and then ... gulp... I bought them on Amazon.  I'm sorry!  I was just trying to save a few dollars!  I didn't mean to kill Borders.

I probably shouldn't have visited Borders today.  The store was gasping for a final breath.  About 99% of the books are gone, and the remaining books are scattered haphazardly throughout the store: an Anne Rice novel is next to a book about romantic relationships which is next to a book about the history of beef.  Depressing?  Absolutely.

Here is the last bag I will ever get from Borders.  I'm thinking about having it bronzed.  (That's a joke.  Well, not really.  Is it possible to bronze a plastic bag?  Or maybe I can have it stuffed and turned into a pillow?)

Goodbye, Borders.  Rest in peace.

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