Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dinosaur Weed

I spotted this weed growing in front of my neighbor's house.  It looks like something from the Jurassic period.  I would not have been surprised if a Pterodactyl had swooped overhead as I took this photo. 

Then, as I continued my walk, I spotted this fauna planted in front of a neighbor's house, in a proper flower bed.  Oh cruel, cruel disappointment.  This fantastical weed is just a flower eeking out an existence in the gutter.  The Jurassic period is not returning to Pasadena anytime soon.

Maybe my neighborhood can get just one pterodactyl?  A flock of green parrots terrorizes my neighborhood.  They are demon creatures that make the most awful sounds known to man.  If everyone would just keep their children and small dogs locked inside, the pterodactyl could take care of the parrot problem.  Then, I will capture and tame the pterodactyl.  I'll name him Fred, and he will be the star of The Cranky Pumpkin Traveling Circus.  We'll travel the world for two or three years, and then I'll sell Fred to Microsoft. 

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