Wednesday, November 7, 2012

This Model Railroad Is Really Bad Ass

Last Saturday, Nathan and I visited the Pasadena Model Railroad Club's open house. We'd been once before, two or three years ago, so I knew what to expect; and yet I was still blown away by the awesomeness of their model railroad.

First, it's big. The Main line Travels about 1700 feet. What does a 1700 foot model railroad look like? Behold! (If you mutter "holy sh** under your breath, you are not alone.)

It's HUGE. This model railroad is so vast, my camera could not capture the entire thing in a single frame. And look at how many people it takes the operate the trains! Screw the Panama Canal, this bad boy ought to be one of the wonders of the industrial world.

The model railroad is also detailed. Incredibly, painfully and beautifully detailed. I don't know how many times I gasped, grabbed Nathan's arm, and directed his attention to something new.

Here's the main city (lit up for night!):

Here is the railroad yard:

Here comes a train out of the tunnel! Choo choo!
Below is my favorite photo from the model railroad. I love the people standing on the bridge, the people bathing in the river, the trucks parked on the side of the road ... I want to beam myself into this photo and wander around and then give the entire model railroad a big hug.

The industrial zone:

If I had to pick a favorite part of the model railroad, I'd probably start to cry. How could anyone pick a favorite spot? It's all so magical! But if you pointed a gun to my head, I'd pick the ski slope. I hate skiing, but I love all the skiers whizzing down the mountain. Only one thing could improve this part of the model railroad: a yeti.

I realize it would be pretty crappy to actually live in a house built next to the tracks, but these houses are just so picturesque. Look at that clothesline! Again, I realize it would be pretty crappy to have to dry all my laundry on a clothesline, but clotheslines are still very photogenic. The members of the Pasadena Model Railroad Club lavished so much love and attention on these tiny details.

As if the model railroad was not cool enough, there were a few Star Wars figurines hiding for visitors to find. Can you spot Yoda below? He's really tiny, standing in front of the cabin. (Yes, my cabin this is.)

Apparently Darth Vader is traveling the countryside by train. I can think of no other viable explanation for why a Stormtrooper is guarding this tunnel:

If you ever have the opportunity to visit the Pasadena Model Railroad Club, I cannot recommend it strongly enough. It kind of makes me want to transform our living room into a model railroad, except then we'd have to baby proof the whole thing in a year when Baby Girl starts crawling and that would be a nightmare. We'll just have to get Baby Girl an ass-kicking baby friendly railroad, like so.