Monday, November 12, 2012

Confession: Sometimes I Wear My Pajamas All Day

The garbage truck stopped by about an hour ago and collected our trash. The bins are ready to be wheeled back to their spot by the garage. This is something I do nearly every Monday afternoon. Now that I'm pregnant, this chore makes me feel like a productive member of society (since taking the trash to the curb is waaaaaay too much work).

But on this lovely Monday afternoon, I'm working at home and wearing my pajamas and it seems like an awful lot of work to get dressed just so I can fetch the trash bins.

If only the trash bins were operated by remote control! How cool would that be? On inclement days, we would not have to venture outside to deal with trash collection. And when the bins are empty, we could ride around in them like smelly Segways. Why hasn't this technology been invented yet? I want a remote controlled trash bin for Christmas!