Thursday, November 1, 2012

I Love Rainbows

I've been meaning to share this photo of a rainbow that I saw outside my back door a few weeks ago.

The rainbow appeared after a day of rain, while it was still drizzling, during that moment between night and day. I was very distressed because Nathan was on his way home from work and I knew it would vanish before his car pulled into the driveway. But the rainbow was visible from the freeway, and he got to see it, too!

The rainbow actually arched all the way across the sky, like a half circle, but I could not capture its full beauty unless I ventured outside into the rain. I was tempted, but as a klutz*, I possess a talent for slipping whenever it's wet in our backyard. I didn't want Nathan to come home and find his pregnant wife huddled in a broken heap on the wet pavement, muttering about leprechauns; so I just took the best photo I could from the house. 

*The question as to whether or not I am a klutz** remains open to debate. It's possible that I am just a space cadet and do not pay enough attention to my surroundings.
** The question as to whether or not I am a bad speller is not open to debate. I am a lousy speller. I thought "klutz" should be spelled "cluts" and spellcheck could not figure out what I was doing.