Wednesday, November 28, 2012

How Hard Is It To Post A Visible Address?

I'd like to rant about one of my biggest pet peeves: commercial buildings that do not bother to post a visible address. This is such a pain in the ass in Los Angeles County, where you might only glimpse an actual address every several blocks. I swear, Magellan would have a hard time finding an address in this town.

Look, I understand if Best Buy or Home Depot do not feel the need to post a visible address. I can spot those buildings from a mile away and don't need an address to confirm that I've found my destination.

But yesterday, I was headed to an appointment at a medical building I had never visited. (By the time this pregnancy is over, I will have visited every freaking medical building in Pasadena in order to have my blood drawn, uterus probed, and sugar levels checked.) I could not find the stupid building because its address was not clearly marked. UGH. I drove past the building three times before I was able to conclude, by process of elimination, that either (a) this was my destination, or (b) my destination had recently fallen into a sinkhole and no longer existed.

Why couldn't the medical building just post its address in a visible spot? It's a non-descript building with some windows that looks like every other building with medical offices. Does the architect have any idea how difficult it is to drive a car safely while scanning the street for addresses? Does he want me to get into an accident? Who the hell is the architect of this building anyway?  

It's not like an address plaque is particularly expensive. I'm not asking for a neon billboard with animated penguins doing the can-can. Just go to the hardware store and buy those black metal numbers AND NAIL THEM ON THE SIDE OF YOUR BUILDING FOR THE LOVE OF GOD IN A VISIBLE SPOT AND BEHIND A BUSH OR TREE IS NOT A VISIBLE SPOT. How expensive are those black numbers, anyway? A dollar? So if there are five numbers in your address, it costs five bucks plus maybe twenty-five cents for hardware to buy an address for your stupid freaking anonymous commercial building. Owners of Commercial Buildings: Have mercy! Post visible addresses! Or I will find you and tattoo your building's address across your forehead!