Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Eighteen Peacocks

On Sunday, Nathan and I had a random adventure. We went to our local mall in Arcadia to see the early showing of Skyfall, but the movie theater was having issues. There was a big crowd of Twilight fans, and the ticket booth had completely lost power. Since there was no sign that power would be restored by the movie's start time, we abandoned ship and headed to a different movie theater.

As we left the Arcadia mall, we drove past the Los Angeles Arboretum. The Arboretum has a flock of peacocks, and the peacocks often leave the gardens and roam around the Arcadia neighborhoods. As we headed towards Theater Number Two, I spotted some peacocks milling on a side street.

Nathan double backed through the Arcadia neighborhood so we could admire the peacocks. I thought we would see two or three peacocks preening their feathers.

Eighteen. EIGHTEEN peacocks were strutting their sh** in front of two houses. I felt like we had wandered on to the pages of a Dr. Seuss book. Every where we looked, there were peacocks! Peacocks in the street, peacocks in the driveway, peacocks in trees, even an arrogant peacock on a front porch.

Unfortunately, I could not photograph all of the peacocks at once. Bastards would not pose for a family photo. And, alas, I just had my iPhone with me; but these photos capture the spirit of our suburban adventure:

Nathan made me roll up the window, so I wouldn't get mauled by a cranky peacock. Which was an excellent idea.
The peacocks were not even remotely threatened by our car. I wonder what they do to cyclists....

p.s. Happy Thanksgiving!!!