Friday, November 23, 2012

A Walk At Descanso

There are two types of Americans: those who live for Black Friday and those who don't. Nathan and I both fall into the latter category. I don't know what we will be doing today, but it will NOT involve shopping.  

For those of you who are avoiding all retail centers, here are some photos from a walk I recently took at Descanso Gardens. I cannot overstate how much I love Descanso Gardens (or, incidentally, how much I loathe the idea of camping overnight outside a Best Buy to get the latest gadget). I've been at least ten or twelve times, and each time, I discover something new and leave the gardens feeling renewed.
The garden has lots of paths for wandering and loitering. (And I promise, no Black Friday shoppers are lurking behind the trellises. No one is going to trample you in order to reach the discounted iPads!)

During my last visit, I discovered a bird viewing station. I can't believe I had walked past this spot a dozen times and missed the ducks. (I wonder where the ducks will be doing their Black Friday shopping this year. They look like Target devotees.)

I finally managed to take some photos of my beloved San Gabriel Mountains. I see them every day, but they always make me smile. (And the mountains have never punched me in order to get the latest Elmo talking sensation toy.)