Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Pregnant Lady Musical Chairs!

As a child, musical chairs was my third favorite birthday party game. The piñata was my favorite, and Pin the Tail on the Donkey a close second. But musical chairs was pretty bad ass - unless you were one of the first kids out. Then it sucked.

Now I play musical chairs every day - except there's no music, prizes or cake. The rules for Pregnant Lady Musical Chairs are very straightforward: wander around your house and look for a comfortable spot to sit. This might sound easy, but there's a twist: the most comfortable place to sit is an ever-shifting variable that changes with my pregnant back's whims. Sometimes it's the armchair in the living room; sometimes it's the glider in the future nursery; and sometimes, it's not even a chair at all but it's the couch, bed or the floor. You have to find the most comfortable place to sit before the music stops, or your back will demand an evening with an ice pack.

For several weeks, I had mastered Pregnant Lady Musical Chairs: the leather armchair in our den was the place to be. But a few days ago, my back revolted and demanded a chair with a harder back. I had to improvise and wheel our office chair into the den. This worked, sort of, but Monday afternoon I discovered that our outdoor rocking chair is even better than the office chair, so I had Nathan bring it into the living room. (I swear, I could hear my pregnant belly laughing when I considered dragging the chair into the house myself.)

So now our living room looks like this:

Well, I was going to include a photo here, but either Blogger or my laptop is being a little bitch, and not letting me upload a photo. Grrrrr... Please use your imagination - just picture a living room that has been hit by a tornado and you'll get the idea.

Does the living room look tragic with an outdoor rocking chair? A little. But do I feel like a genius for winning the latest round of Pregnant Lady Musical Chairs? Absolutely. Besides, this game is preparing me for motherhood. I'll have to adjust our decor as Baby Girl learns to sit, crawl, stand and walk. Breakable objects will have to move, outlets will have to be covered, and baby gates will be installed. Pregnant Lady Musical Chairs is just part of the adventure called motherhood.