Thursday, January 14, 2016

These Days

  • I'm working on birth announcements and thank you cards for Julian. 
  • But it's tough because I lost my address book. Again.
  • Man I am such a fuck-up when it comes to address books.
  • And passports. Have I mentioned the time I left my passport on a train in London? And didn't realize I had lost my passport for an entire week? And then, when I went back to the train station, some beautiful soul had actually left my passport in the Lost and Found Department? 
  • I should just sit down and finish the birth announcements tonight after the babies go to bed. 
  • Except I won't because Nathan and I are watching Making A Murderer and we can't stop until we are done.
  • Except we will stop next Monday so we can watch Bachelor.
  • I'm also busy pacing the house because I have a Fitbit and I've been walking 10,000 steps every day and I'm obsessed with hitting that 10,000 mark. If I could pace and write thank you notes at the same time, I would. 
  •  I can't pace and write thank you notes at the same time. Can you?
  • I didn't think so.