Saturday, February 7, 2015

Fan Fiction

Does anyone know if there is any fan fiction for children's shows? If so, I must read it! I don't mean fan fiction for toddlers. I don't need to read about Elmo and Ernie going on a picnic and talking to a turtle about colors. I want to read about the dark stories happening behind the scenes that no one talks about but we all know are happening.

I want to read about Mr. Noodle. How did he end up trapped in Elmo's World? Was he kidnapped? Has anyone notified the authorities?

I want to read the back stories for all the adult characters in the Peppa Pig universe.  Here are my theories: Grandpa Pig was a smuggler during the Cold War; Madame Gazelle is a spy indoctrinating the children, using the Bing Bong Song to program them with a communist agenda; and Mummy Rabbit is having an affair with Mr. Fox.

I do not want to read anything about Dora.

But I do want to read something about Max and Ruby that addresses this pressing question: where are their parents?  I've seen at least a dozen episodes of this show now, and no one ever mentions the parents but there is a grandma. What happened to the parents? Has anyone notified the authorities???

Is anyone writing these stories?  Do I have to do everything?