Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Neglect the Housework!

One of my favorite books is If You Want to Write, by Brenda Ueland. It's a short book that is jam packed with inspiration. It is not just a book for aspiring writers!  You can substitute any creative pursuit, from acting to Zumba, for writing. 

Each chapter has a fantastic title.  One chapter is titled, "Why You Are Not to Be Discouraged, Annihilated, by Rejection Slips."  Another is, "The Tigers of Wrath Are Wiser Than the Horses of Instruction."  (I have no idea what that means.)

But my favorite chapter, by far, is called, "Why Women Who Do Too Much Housework Should Neglect It For Their Writing."  The gist of this chapter is that in order to have time to be creative, you have to neglect the housework.  There is always housework to be done.  A ledge can always use extra dusting; a pile of books can always be organized better; and floors can be scrubbed until the end of time and still not sparkle enough.  Work too hard to have an immaculate home, and you will not have the time or energy to be creative.

If I was ever forced at gunpoint to get a tattoo, it would be "Neglect the Housework." Actually, it would probably be something related to Jane Austen or Benjamin Franklin, but you get my point.

Note to self: reread If You Want to Write this summer!

Completely unrelated note to self: Never again let Pippa hold my car keys in a public restroom.