Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Green Eggs and the Serial Killer

Pippa loves Green Eggs and Ham (the book, not the cuisine). I have read it aloud to her so many times, I only need about 12% of my brain to read it now. The other 88% of my brain is free to wander and think weird thoughts. 

Sometimes I think about the fact that the two main guys are Sam and the Cranky Guy Who Does Not Like Green Eggs and Ham. Why does only one main character get a name, Dr. Seuss??? We all know the Cranky is the unsung hero of this tale and he should have kicked Sam in the shins. Since you could not be bothered to give this hero a name, Dr. Seuss, I will: Friar Octavius Van Basass. There, that's a much better name than Sam. 

Sometimes I think about the story's message. It seems like the moral of the story is "keep an open mind because you might like green eggs and ham." (Or chess. Or cliff diving or disco. Or polka dot umbrellas and stinky cheese.) But there is also another moral: "browbeat someone enough, and they will finally eat green eggs and ham." (Or have sex when they just want to make out. Or smoke pot because their friends insist. Or go cliff diving or listen to disco.)

Most recently, I found myself thinking about how I would adapt this classic for the silver screen. First, I thought in terms of animation directed by Tim Burton with Johnny Depp as Sam and Bruce Willis Friar Octavius Van Badass. Then I thought, no, this needs to be a live action film with Javier Bardem as the Friar and Amy Poehler as Sam. Can't you see Amy chasing after Javier across the top of a train careening toward a cliff? And then the train crashes into a boat captained by Clint Eastwood?! Best. Movie. Ever. 

But my brain was in a creepy mood that day and my live action romp turned into a serial killer movie. The first victim is killed in a house by a hoard of rabid mice. The next is eaten alive by a fox in a box. And the killer always leaves behind a plate of green eggs and ham. I can't decide if the killer should be played by Kevin Spacey or Javier Bardem but Kevin Costner needs to be the detective investigating the crimes (his wife played by Marisa Tomei.)

Note to self: now would be a good time to give Green Eggs and Ham a break.