Friday, December 7, 2012

Guest Posts

This blog used to feature fresh new posts nearly every weekday. Obviously, that is no longer happening. The fact that I'm pregnant might be to blame. Although I have a decent amount of energy these days, I still do not have 100% of my usual energy. Also, this whole "being pregnant" thing has added a whole bunch of things to my to-do list - e.g. next Monday, I'm seeing a physical therapist to give my back a tune-up and Tuesday, I'm taking the glucose test to make sure I don't have gestational diabetes (fun!)
The time I used to have for blogging now gets used for stuff likes naps and prenatal yoga. If I was an organized and thoughtful blogger, I would organize a series of guest posts for your enlightenment and entertainment. Alas, I am not an organized or thoughtful blogger, but if I was, here are some of the guest posts you might get to read:
  • Guest Posts from My Mother:
    • Wear Your Sunblock!
    • What TV Shows You Should Be Watching - because my mother's radar for good t.v. shows is amazing. She has introduced me to such shows as Shameless and Modern Family - there are at least a dozen other shows she has recommended to me over the years, but this is all my pregnant brain can remember right now.
    • Reapply Your Sunblock!
  • Guest Posts From My Father:
    • How the [insert name of L.A. sports team] Broke My Heart
    • Your Grammar Sucks
  • Guests Posts From My Grandma Shirley:
    • How to Rock Leather Pants As A Senior Citizen
    • How to Rock Animal Print Pants As A Senior Citizen
  • Guests Posts From My Brother Matt And Sister-in-Law Sara:
    • What To Do If There's A Cobra In Your Front Yard - oh wait, they already wrote that post, it's right here
    • 1,001 Reasons You Should Send A Care Package To Your Loved Ones Who Are Volunteering With The Peace Corps
    • Please Put Lots Of Gossip Magazines In Our Care Package
    • Who the Hell is Pippa Middleton?
  • Guests Posts From My Sister Katherine:
    • Please Stop Wearing That, It Makes You Look Old/Lame
    • 1,001 Reasons Why Dachshunds Are The Most Gorgeous Creatures On The Planet
    • No, You Are Not Allowed to Wear Your Green Crocs In Public; I Don't Care If You Are Pregnant
    • You Went To Bed At What Time? How Lame Are You?