Saturday, May 24, 2014

Life Lately

  • My novel is on hold, to be revised later, because...
  • I had postpartum depression and I'm writing a memoir about it.
  • I have been wanting to blog about my experience with PPD for some time and finally have the courage to do it! I will post more about it here, including some excerpts from my book.
  • I'm also getting involved in raising awareness about PPD.  It is an extremely common but misunderstood illness. I was very ashamed of myself for having it. I want my daughter to live in a different world - a world where no mother ever feels a drop of shame for PPD.
  • I recently joined a brand new gym near my house and it is absolutely glorious. I am finally getting back into exercise and have so much energy, which is spilling into all areas of my life.
  • I finished Divergent last night and started Insurgent before bed. For the first time since Pippa was born, I am reading past my bedtime.
  • I started a massive crochet project this afternoon. Feeling a bit crazy. 
  • In related news, I'm still reading the dictionary. I'm about halfway through the Explanatory Notes. I want to jump into the definitions, but I might as well do this right. Sometimes I have to reread the same paragraph three or four time to understand it, but it's still very interesting to me.